Moscow's School TV Stars


1 “Moscow educational” is an Internet TV channel which was founded in September, 2015. On the channel, you can find different educational programmes, media and resources. Its audience is large and includes everyone from pupils, parents, grandparents, teachers, headmasters and residents of other cities and towns in Russia. The arrangement of its programmes allows viewers to watch them at any convenient time. There are no adverts and you can enjoy interesting programmes without any interruptions.

2 Certainly, it is interesting to watch programmes on this channel, but it’s much more entertaining to take part in creating the programmes as well. The Children’s Television Educational Centre has been working in Moscow since 1995 to enable students to create their own TV programmes. The centre has everything needed to teach pupils how to make films: up-to-date filmmaking and mounting equipment, as well as studios and computer classes. At this centre, students, together with certified teachers, can create interesting stories, TV programmes, cartoons, clips and TV plays. Also, students can learn the basics of cinematography, photography, online journalism, computer editing and stage direction. What’s more, they learn how to work on stage and take part in talk-shows.

3 Some Moscow schools have opened their own TV studios as well. The students at these schools - the young reporters, hosts and editors - learn how to develop, film, edit and create video clips and programmes about their school life, teachers and classmates. Any news, interviews, documentaries, cartoons and music clips created by students are broadcast on “Moscow educational” Internet TV channel.

4 Students’ involvement in making TV programmes helps them develop their creativity and communication skills as well as gives them an idea of what TV journalism is about. These experiences help students choose their future profession more wisely.

To visit “Moscow educational” go to http://mosobr.tv/



found, convenient, interruption, enable, mounting,

host, editor, broadcast, involvement, wisely

Exercise 1

Do you watch any Video channels on the Net? If so, which one is your favourite and why?

Exercise 2

What do you know about “Moscow educational” Internet TV? Who is creating all the programmes of this channel?

      Listen and read to find out.



Exercise 3

   Read the text again and match headings (A-E) to the paragraphs 1-4.


A  Students at work


B  A popular innovation


C  The benefits


D  Internet resources


E  A visit to a specialists’ centre



Exercise 4

     In what ways do you think “Moscow educational” helps students? In three minutes write a few sentences.

Tell the class.

Exercise 5

 Collect more information about “Moscow educational”.

Find information about the people who founded it, the schools that participate and any other interesting facts. Write an article about it for an international school magazine.